ēmersus (v. Latin) to bring forth, bring to light, to make clear
organization + leadership development

Organization Assessment

Many organizations that embark on improving the way they do their work often do so without a clear understanding of the key barriers to improvement. The costs of developing structures and systems on the one hand, and measuring outcomes on the other are significant. It’s essential to understand the factors in the middle of the equation—culture and the behaviors you’re trying to drive—to ensure you’re your initiatives are in alignment with your organization’s values and will move the organization toward its mission. You need confirmation that the culture you’re creating is linked to high performance. As with most organizational change and development initiatives, it makes sense to start things off with the metrics provided by statistically reliable and valid surveys.

Emersus Consulting uses research-based surveys as an alternative to employee attitude and opinion surveys, to measure the link between culture and performance. Our surveys will tell you:

  • What employees experience and perceive as members of the organization
  • What impact these perceptions have on what they believe is expected of them
  • How culture leads to important outcomes at the individual level (e.g., engagement), the group level (e.g., teamwork), and the organizational level (e.g., adaptability and quality)

The results of our surveying will allow you to see your system as a whole, and affect change that focuses on root causes not merely symptoms. We will then help you determine and implement what initiatives will have the most impact in improving the organizations performance, and will work side-by-side with you internal resources to create change from the inside. Our philosophy of “teaching others to fish” can ensure that your organization has the know-how inside to continue to improve how your system performs.

Emersus Consulting is an expert user of the Human Synergistics Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI) and the Organization Effectiveness Inventory (OEI) to help assessment employee perceptions of the culture and the effectiveness of that culture in accomplishing organizational objectives.

A recent Gallup report indicated that 71% of employees in America aren’t engaged at work. (2011)

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