“Our work with Emersus Consulting really opened our eyes!  Through an organizational assessment, we realized we had some real issues that we needed to address.  Meg was able to clearly point out these areas and provide specific actions for us to improve.  She helped us create a “road map” to get where we wanted to be.  Our environment has improved immeasurably since Meg’s work with us.”
James R. Tueller, Human Resources Director, United Blood Services


High-performing individuals, including world-class athletes and business leaders, are different from average athletes and business leaders. High-performance organizations and workplaces are also different from average businesses. They have strong leadership, clear direction, open communication, a high performance culture, empowered team members and talent management.

The Emersus approach to helping you create a high performing organization focuses on the dynamics of your organization, helping you gaining insights and action plans to address problematic leadership and team behaviors, challenges and/or concerns pertaining to change and conflict, talent management issues, and difficult team dynamics.

Organization Assessment

Team-based Workplaces

Talent Management

The base rate of failure for managers in America is about 65%; thus, 65% of the people in “leadership” positions today will fail in one way or another.
Dr. Robert Hogan, “Abstracting Leadership.” 2010