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Executive Team Development

The term “team” to describe some top management groups is a misnomer…what often exists is a set of executives who operate quite distinctly from each other.”
­–“Fragmentation and Other Problems CEOs have with their Top Management Teams.” D.C. Hamrick, California Management Review, Spring 1995

The working styles and habits of senior executives typically make them excellent individual performers. Unfortunately though, those styles are counter-productive when it comes to working on an executive team. A collective group of individuals does not make a team. Despite this knowledge many executive “teams” exhibit behaviors that speak to their lack of collaborative work. Five key concerns related to executive team performance were identified in a study conducted with CEOs of major corporations:

  • Harmful internal rivalries.
  • Inadequate capabilities of a single executive.
  • “Groupthink” or excessive like-mindedness.
  • A common shortcoming of several members of the entire team.
  • Fragmentation, manifest by executives pursuing their own agendas with minimal collaboration.

Our approach to team development combines some traditional methods like executive retreats, but more commonly we provide one-on-one coaching to team leaders on how they can facilitate change. Through this “behind the scenes coaching of the coach” (or team leader), your executive team will improve its ability to:

  • Create a shared awareness and interpretation of the environmental shifts your organization is experiencing
  • Develop company-wide strategies and initiatives that are supported by team members, not subverted
  • Work collaboratively with peers and avoid competition among the group
  • Implement and support major change efforts in the most efficient manner; initiate performance improvements that are responsive to the demands on the organization

Emersus Consulting is a certified, expert user of the Hogan Suite of Personality & Cognitive Assessment tools, including the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), the Hogan Development Survey(HDS), the Hogan Motives, Values & Preferences Inventory (MVPI) and the Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI).

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