executive dysfunction
ēmersus (v. Latin) to bring forth, bring to light, to make clear
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Executive Behavioral Health

Studies indicate that one in six executives is troubled by personal problems that affect his job performance.
– “Trouble at the Top” D. Bender, EAP Digest

When an executive’s personal problems escalate, they become business problems. Typical warning signs include:

  • “Job shrinkage’ or a decreased ability to carry out a typical workload
  • Delayed decision-making, risk aversion and over-cautious strategy formulation
  • Excuse-making by those who work closely with the executive
  • Erratic behavior, missed meetings, failure to keep commitments
  • Sloppy preparation and follow-through
  • Emotional blow-ups that seem provoked arbitrarily

While not of concern when these behaviors happen occasionally, when chronic, they poise a serious threat to the livelihood of an organization. Our wealth of experience in behavioral health and expertise in both counseling and organizational psychology help organizations solve executive performance issues caused by depression, addictions, family conflict, stress, marital and other personal problems. We provide a wealth of experience in behavioral health and expertise in creating strategies that address the organizational implications of your executive’s personal problems—discreetly and professional.

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