“Leaders at all levels of organization are increasingly well educated, informed, experienced and savvy.  In critical moments, however, the skills of business knowledge have limited value in making good decisions.  Leadership wisdom is needed”
Rola Ruohong Wei, CCL

Coaching to Improve Performance

When attitudes, behaviors and/or skills impair leadership success, the most efficient method to improve executives’ performance is one-on-one coaching. Taking a class or reading educational information appears to be an easy route to addressing performance problems, but these activities don’t provide the individual focus required to create behavioral changes. We find that executives who seek coaching to improve performance are usually quite talented technically, but struggle with how they get their work done. It is clear in contemporary business, that the manner in which an executive works is critical to optimal job performance.  Most careers are ‘derailed’ because of this aspect of competency.  Emersus focuses on three primary areas in our coaching process to improve performance:

  1. Relationships at work:  intrapersonal awareness and interpersonal skills;
  2. Managing others: skills in creating engaged work groups and motivated individuals;
  3. Self-management:  work habits and organizational savvy

Coaching for Development and Promotion

Coaching for the Executive Agenda