coaching for executives
“Research indicates that, on average, less than 30 percent of what people learn (in training) actually gets used on the job.”
Dana Gaines Robinson and James C. Robinson,
Performance Consulting

Coaching for the Executives Agenda

Top-level executives have to be careful in whom they confide. It’s difficult to determine who is trustworthy and who may inadvertently use sensitive information for their own agendas. Confiding delicate issues or personal work challenges can be treacherous if disclosed to the wrong person. We provide coaching based on each executive’s unique needs, thus providing the assurance that an ‘outsider’s’ support and counsel will be unbiased and confidential. Our coaches have both the personal maturity and extensive work experience to provide wisdom and perspectives to the isolated top-level executive when:

  • Information about organizational issues is not reaching the executive. Typically those close to the executive are afraid to bring up issues contrary to the executive’s beliefs or opinions;
  • A fear of giving direct feedback to the executive exists. Executives rarely receive rich data about their own work effectiveness, yet it is critical they understand the impact they have on those around them;
  • Reaction and perspective are needed on the executive’s ideas and decisions, but fellow employees are unable to listen without bias;
  • The pressure of the position requires the executive to develop “psychological hardiness” to manage extreme levels of stress; and
  • An executive needs to prepare to successfully implement organizational change initiatives that require an understanding of the psychological and system factors that influence the effort.

Coaching to Improve Performance

Coaching for Development and Promotion