Executive Coaching
ēmersus (v. Latin) to bring forth, bring to light, to make clear
organization + leadership development

Executive Coaching and Development

We find that coaching is usually more about supporting your top producers than underperformers. That’s why we take a more person-centered approach to coaching, focusing on what makes our clients tick to help them get to their goals. Our more “whole person approach” to coaching leverages our clients’ strengths and positive behaviors, encourages big picture thinking, and nurtures their creativity in developing their own tools to help them succeed as leaders. We apply the Emersus approach to:

Coaching to Improve Performance

Coaching for Development and Promotion

Coaching for the Executive Agenda

Emersus Consulting is a certified, expert user of the Hogan Suite of Personality & Cognitive Assessment tools, including the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), the Hogan Development Survey(HDS), the Hogan Motives, Values & Preferences Inventory (MVPI) and the Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI).

Emersus Consulting are certified, expert users of Human Synergistics International 360° Feedback tools including Leadership Impact AssessmentManagement Impact Assessment and Leadership Workstyles Assessment.

Emersus Consulting is an expert, certified user of CCL leadership development assessments including the Benchmarks® 360° Feedback Assessment tools (Benchmarks® for Executives, Benchmarks® for Managers, Benchmarks® for Learning Agility and Benchmarks® by Design) and Skillscope 360° Feedback Assessment.

The belief is that, under the right circumstances, one-on-one interaction with an objective third party can provide a focus that other forms of organizational support simply cannot.
– Paul Michelman Harvard Business Review

Selection and Promotion Assessment

Executive Team Building

Executive Behavioral Health

Succession Planning