executive effectiveness
“When managers fail, it costs time and resources to recruit, select, and train new ones.  Also, there are hidden costs associated with “golden parachutes,” lost intellectual and social capital, missed business objectives, and destroyed employee morale.  Studies estimate the cost of derailment to be between $750,000 and as high as $2.7 million.”
Dr. Robert Hogan, “Abstracting Leadership.” 2010

Executive Effectiveness

Executives have one job—to constantly improve their company’s ability to compete. But the according to Dr. Robert Hogan in his book Abstracting Leadership, 65 percent of the people in “leadership” positions today in America will fail in one way or another. Perhaps that leader wasn’t the right fit for the company. But even if there was the right fit, the leader may have not had adequate professional development. Maybe he or she fell short in developing and maintaining high performance teams. Or it could be that a personal problem became a real obstacle to effective executive performance.

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The leader’s job is to persuade otherwise selfish people to work together for a period of time to accomplish a common objective. Thus we define leadership in terms of the ability to build and maintain a high performing team, and we think leadership should be evaluated in terms of the performance of the team, relative to the competition.
­– Leadership 101, Robert Hogan, Ph.D, 2011