ēmersus (v. Latin) to bring forth, bring to light, to make clear
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About Meg Vinton


Meg VintonMeg Vinton, owner and principal consultant, has over 33 years experience in organization behavior, counseling psychology and management. Meg’s business experience and varied academic training equip her with a breadth of experience, knowledge and skill that she applies in practical yet creative ways to achieve sought results.  Her professional interests lie in the study and application of cross-disciplinary approaches to human behavior change. Her unique approach and skill set prepares her to work with the most demanding executives and achieve desired outcomes. She attributes her unusually high success rate to her ability to quickly develop trust and credibility with clients, her keen knowledge of human behavior and her use of alternative methods for behavior change.

Prior to founding Emersus in 1995, Meg worked in a variety of capacities with private companies, non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 corporations and small entrepreneurial start-ups, including Johnson & Johnson, Saturn Corporation, Corporate Health International, and Aetna. In these organizations, she worked in marketing management, account management, product development, organization development, clinical training and management and executive management.

In addition to challenging work assignments, Ms. Vinton has published and presented papers in the areas of succession planning, behavioral health in the work place, family and closely-held business. Her experience in workplace behavioral health led to her appointment to the National Institute of Health’s National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse to determine research needs in the area of addiction treatment.

Meg has her Master’s in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Nebraska. She studied at Rutgers University as a post-graduate in System’s Theory and has doctoral work in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

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